$1980.00 USD
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 1st - 7th September 2020
Destination: Beautiful Bali





$1980.00 USD
 This will blow you wide apart like nothing else!

Join us for our new addition to the family, "Platinum Retreat," where you will enjoy all the amenities from our Signature Retreat "Sacred Connection To Self," but in a more intimate setting, with more content and, MUCH more one-on-one time with the facilitators. Your stay, shared with only four other guests, will include seven days of programs with four specialists from around the world, bearing bonafide qualifications in serious disciplines, ranging from Iyengar®️Yoga, Body Balancing & Alignment, Intuitive Healing, Nutrition Counseling, Ancient Pranayama Healing, Body Trauma Releasing, Self-Worth Deep Work, Indonesian Sacred Healing Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sacred Oriental Arts. This is an unparalleled exploration into the deep connections between Mind, Body and Soul like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Your stay on our private and intimate estate will be a memorable and life-changing experience, augmented by the expertise of our soulful group of wellness and holistic healers.

There are only five women who will participate in this retreat. 
There will be a lot of 1-1 work. 
The Coaches, Mentors and Healers out number YOU!

There will be strategic alignment work, structure, systems and nightly integration work. 

In addition to our Wellness and Holistic Healing program, we have a unique high vibrational menu to match the Chakra exploration for each day. Every day you will be opened to the wonderments of your body, mind and soul connection through all the elements and lifted to a new level of awareness. Your body will thrive and in turn, will your mind to awaken, align and reconnect with what is needed for you to unlock any known or unknown blockages and propel you forward. 

"Join us as we plunge into the sacred space of the heart and the magical place of the mind."

As you may know, our signature retreat is one of massive transformation and yet we know that there are a select number of women who are ready for the NEXT LEVEL of EXPANSION beyond this! Listed below are some of the Multidimensional, DNA, Cellular and Deep Core work we will be doing together. This will shift you to a place of rapid growth. With the work being so intensive, you will recieve beautiful nightly integrations so that your body does what it needs to do as you sleep. This ensures you rise feeling aligned and recharged ready for the next days awakening and growth.

It is strictly limited to only FIVE Goddess's
Exclusive 1:1, client-to-facilitator/healing-therapist ratio

DAILY or MULTIPLE SESSIONS of the following:
TCM Acupuncture, by request
Javanese Healing Therapies
Reflexology Massage Therapies
Body Massage Therapies
Balinese Body Therapies

Gourmet Plant-Based Meals
Dishes Researched and Inspired by Certified Nutrition Coach to jump start your home diet
Nutrition for Chakra Optimization
Anti-Oxidant Juices & Probiotics
Anti-Inflammatory/Age-Defying Teas, Tonics & Elixirs

2.5 hours daily: Yoga, Meditation,
Pranayama Ancient Breathwork
& Iyengar®Yoga Asana Practice

Wealth Alchemy Sessions
Ascension Activations
Higher Multidimensional Work
Trauma Release Healings
Blueprint Strategy Sessions
Money Magic Sessions
Shamanic Intuitive Readings

Energy Healings
Ancestral & Womb Healings
Future Self Acceleration
Higher Self Embodiment
New Identity Installation
Daily Recap Full Integrations
This retreat will be the growth and awareness of over 40 years of personal development, connection and alignment work in seven days 

This Retreat is ONLY for serious game-changers 
and people who are 100% ready to be at their A-game in life and business. 
There will be a strict application process. 
Simone McQueen Axton
Retreat Participant 2019 Bali
 The Sacred Connection to Self Retreat was the icing on the cake for me.
I was looking for something that was going to take me to the next level of my growth and this journey I’ve been on since March 2018.
And well I found it! This Retreat hosted and facilitated by some of the best leaders, healers and coaches took me even deeper and allowed me to unlock programs and beliefs that I had no idea I was holding on to and that were inhibiting my progress moving forward.
I was able to break that glass ceiling I had hit, that I felt like I was continually bouncing off and release all that did not serve me no more.
Through the entire Retreat I felt supported, safe, loved and held. Everyday we were prepared for greater expansion, everyday we were nourished with food for our soul and the venue we stayed at was nothing short of pure luxury.
We were stretched mentally and physically, but we also had fun. We laughed and we cried and we made friends for life and created a new soul family.
It was truely an experience I will eternally be grateful for, there is no other work that is more important than the work that you can do on yourself, for yourself.
To Leisa Nadler and the other 4 amazing healers, coaches and facilitators, Maya, Libby, Narelle & Joko I love you dearly and will treasure this experience for ever. Your expertise and quality of work is nothing short of AMAZING!!
And if that is not testimony enough, check out the transformative image below. This is me and these are the results of spending 6 days at the Sacred Connection to Self Retreat, before and after!

What if you could take a 
P A U S E? 

What if you could feel what it felt like to breathe in a 
S U R R E N D E R E D 

What if you could 
 the light within yourself?

What if you could fully connect to SELF and all the magic that she is?

What if you could bring out your INNER CHILD to a place of total play and in the essence of bringing fun into every aspect of your life! 

What if you could bring forth the next level of LEADERSHIP to own your life like the powerhouse diva you are?

What if you learned how to feed your BODY so that she stayed in the high vibration and explosive energy field that gives you the edge to create your life by your design with more ease than you could ever imagine possible?

What if that missing piece that eliminated self-doubt and allowed you to fully surrendered to allow the WEALTH to be fully received and allowed you to create your empire with more ease and flow? 

“THE PLATINUM GODDESS RETREAT” is inviting you to connect with your inner guidance system. The part of you that knows who you are. The part of you that knows what you are still carrying deep within you. The part of you that can only see you with love.

There is one thing that retreats have that the online world will never have.  
C O N N E C T I O N.

“THE PLATIUIM GODDESS RETREAT” will challenge what you believe to be true about who you are right now and will command that you step into what the wild woman inside of you knows to be true. This retreat and the magic along with Mother Nature's powerful energy that can only be found in Bali will bring forth what is buried deep within you and will bring all the excess of what is not serving your highest self to the surface.

There will be so many opportunities to nurture and soak into the DIVINE FEMININE of self-awareness and personal growth. There will also be the fiery energetic releases in order to create from a new place of understanding, gratitude and alignment. 

Through CONNECTING TO YOUR TRUE SELF you will fully LOVE the divine feminine goddess in you and be the QUEEN in your life with a strong posture, total belief, full surrender to a deep knowing of your purpose! The divine powerful connection to self and aligned flow in love, life and business is the intention of my beautiful one!

All that is no longer serving you will go to the side. All that must come forth in order for you to serve from alignment will come to light. 

And so it is…

 ✬ You are ready to ascend to a higher level of consciousness 

✬ You are a leader and looking to step fully into your power

✬ You are ready to unleash the infinite potential that lies within you

✬ You are ready to make high energy Quantum shifts

✬ You want the edge that will help you to create your wealth and own your life like the queen you were
 born to be

✬ You are ready for inner healing and releasing of past trauma that will guide you to your higher self

✬ You are ready not to care what other people think and walk your own path in life with total conviction 
and a powerful presence in everything you do 

✬ You are ready to release those dark shadows that are keeping you locked in your safe zone and blocking the receiving of wealth and love 

✬ You are ready to get pampered, massaged by expert hands and nourished with super healthy nutritious food for seven days

✬ You have decided it is time to meet your upper level of genius and the next level version of YOU
✬ You want to fully connect and to your inner child and bring in more play and joy

✬ You're ready to write your money story to one of unstoppable flow and alignment to all that you desire

✬ You are ready to live an unconditional life of truth, love and personal freedom
✬ You love yourself enough to do the deeper work

✬ You know you can HAVE IT ALL and now is your time to claim it

✬ You are ready to be aligned, balanced and grounded into your true self with so many blocks, stories and past patterns removed
Texas, Australia 

From the moment I knew about this retreat I knew I had to be there especially when I knew 2 of my amazing friends, coaches, leaders and all rounds magical women were going to be facilitating and co-facilitating this retreat…Mumma Bali always has something special in store but this time it flicked a switched inside me that I didn’t know was possible

Coming into the retreat I made a commitment to myself that I was going to play full out and do whatever it takes to be present…I’ve been to a lot of retreats but there was something very different and very special about this one.

From the moment I walked through the doors of the most luxury villa ever, it was like I was in a dream, my mum hat was off, in fact all hats came off (which is very hard for me to do) For the first time in a very long time I got to be me, show up like me, be ok with being me and be confident AF being ME…

Being surrounded by epic women and knowing I was safe to be me was such a wonderful feeling. Every single facilitator had magic that they brought which made me feel like a QUEEN and had me feeling that I was unstoppable…I never once felt like I had to be someone else to fit in or feel like I had to change who I was…

I discovered the good the bad and the ugly in all areas and I’m so freaking proud of how I showed up for myself and the space I was able to hold for others at the retreat…I was pushed in ways that scared me but also in ways that I’m so grateful for…

I have never attended a retreat that uncovered so much but also helped heal the pain at the same time...

People ask me how Bali was and all I can say is that is was life-changing in so many ways…

Being cracked wide open is one thing but digging deep into the core of what is holding you back is another ball game altogether. 

There are so many things I could tell you or dive into about this retreat BUT- all good girls don’t kiss and tell, so if you’re wanting a life-changing experience, soulful connection to self and to be held in the most sacred, safe and beautiful space ever with the most incredible leaders, this retreat is for YOU!

*This is Ontop of the Extra Bonus's Above* 
 ✢ You will be whisked away at the airport & brought to your divine villa

✢ You will be submerged into luxury accommodation for six glorious nights

✢ You will be cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner with mouth-watering food

✢ You will be spoiled - Welcome goodies & fruit basket on arrival

✢ You will be nurtured - Daily Yoga and next level meditation teaching

✢ You will be taken through some magical and ancient Pranayama Breathwork techniques 

✢ You will be connected to your heart in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony 
✢ You will be pampered - Massages and spa sessions at the villa

✢ You will be fed with Gourmet Plant Based foods, whole foods and mostly vegetarian based nourishment
✢ You will fall in love with you and stand in your truth through a self-love workshop and soul work

✢ You will release emotional blocks that will bring forth a powerful unstoppable feminine goddess 

✢ You will be educated on the perfect nutrition for you to consistantly thrive and energise into your day for maximum clarity within intregated nutirtion, detoxing, cleansing the body and learning all about high vibration foods 

✢ You will be aligned through deep Chakra work, Light Language Activations and Energy Healings
✢ You will be spiritually awakened with a special UBUD day trip that most people never experience including a Waterfall Cleansing and release what has been brought up from three days of deep inner work... 

✢ You will connect to a deeper relationship with yourself through beautiful inner work and understanding your feminine energy within and how to use it with balancing your masculine energy

✢ You will re-write your Money Story and learn a new relationship to money that will allow divine flow of abundance and your next level of wealth


➞ Flights to and from your destination
➞ Travel insurance — please note that travel insurance is mandatory for your retreat stay
➞ Alcoholic beverages — available on request but none included
➞ Food and drinks outside the villa (except scheduled dinners, Ubud lunch and sunset mocktails night)
➞ Any additional food and drinks in the villa that isn't part of your chosen retreat package
➞ Additional spa treatments
A brief look at what these amazingly gifted experienced 
divine Queens will bring to this experience!
"Narelle Clyde"
Spiritual Entrepreneur, Ascension Coach and Multidimensional Healer: 

Narelle works with women around the globe who are seeking the missing pieces of the puzzle and sacred connection to self. She assists them with creating their next level of freedom, abundance, and ultimately, life and business by design. 

Through her own journey of healing, following years of crippling anxiety body dysmorphia and self-abuse, Narelle decided that there had to be more to life. She discovered the path to unshakeable confidence, worthiness and self love, which has enabled her to help women to connect with their own inner power, embody their gifts and live a life they are wildly in love with - in all areas. 

Narelle intuitively uncovers and exposes old patterns and belief systems that are embedded in the elaborate folds of the unconscious mind. Through her grounding, supportive guidance, she fashions unique experiences that facilitate alignment and reconnection in a rich, magical, easy and fun way. 

Narelle designs joyful, synergistic workshops with a fusion of successful wealth mindset, light language, and a unique vision that discards with uncanny ease the false and fruitless patterns and beliefs. A fresh new runway is established, making room for your true identity, one that includes limitless success in a thriving lifestyle, where you will illuminate from your divine potential.  
"Leisa Nadler"
Wealth Alchemist, Life Architect, 
High-Level Mentor and 
Multidimensional Healer.

Growing up in a struggling, single-parent home, then later in life taking a journey down the dark sides of life has led her to deeply know how to guide women from where they are right now, to a life of abundance. She was awakened to a deep understanding of her purpose in life, it is to help guide and mentor others through where they are now, so they can rise and thrive in whatever they desire. To help them release what does not serve them so they can expand into their purpose with total power, passion, and conviction.

Seven years ago, Leisa was totally broken, having suicidal thoughts, daily panic attacks, crippled by self-abuse, addiction, sexual abuse and feeling completely stuck in her past. She had a series of life-changing events that allowed her to see that self-worth and commitment to personal growth would heal her life.

Leisa is able to help others with their journey to acceptance and enlightenment with getting to the core fast. 

She is committed to being in service of the Awakening of the Sacred Feminine Goddess and unleashing the feminine creation within them. She is totally devoted to not only inspire but guide you. 

Her objective for your personal FREEDOM!

"Maya Michelle"
World-Class Yoga instructor, Trauma Release Practitioner, and Integrated Nutritionist 

Maya Michelle combines various modalities through body movement, nutrition, breathwork, mindfulness, and energy healing to assist clients on their journeys to wholeness of mind spirit and body. She facilitates local and distance energy healing in Bali as a first-degree initiate of Usui Reiki and as a trauma release practitioner of Metaphysical Anatomy Technique. She journeyed and worked with shamans in Peru as a nutritionist, and will guide you on your unique journey to understanding the meaning of optimal, nourishing foods.

Maya's own healing began after years of suffering from chronic illness and body aches. A road accident brought her to Tai Chi Chuan, which led her to an NSA Chiropractor, who sent her to Iyengar®Yoga. Asthma and persistent sinusitis introduced her to Eight Stages Pranayama. Heartache and confusion brought her to Metaphysical Anatomy Process. Excess candida and constipation guided her to Integrated Nutrition, a fusion of Eastern and Western science, tradition and philosophy.

Maya brings to you world-class yogic instruction to complement your journey. As a Certified Iyengar®️Yoga Teacher with over 3000 hours of teacher training, Maya has apprenticed for the last 10 years with the top Senior Iyengar teachers in Pune and worldwide. She has been teaching classes in English, French and Italian since 2010.

California, USA
Parst Retreat Participant

After the Retreat and the ascension process, I definitely noticed big changes in me. I am eating cleaner and healthier food now! 

I decided to make a major change to my career. I no longer want to be in the Medical field! I am honouring myself and following my true passion and purpose and going for it! I know now it’s possible. I see the vision. I am more confident for sure. It all became aware and attainable to me when I came home from the retreat. 

I am so much more at peace and being kinder to myself. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay longer. And I definitely want to do another retreat! It was a life-changing experience!


Dubai, UAE
Past Retreat Participant 

I'm still in awe of the truths I uncovered that were holding me back, the childhood traumas and programming, the deep-rooted fears and the triggers that caused stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

Facing this head-on was a seriously emotional journey but oh my gosh it is a relief to have full inner peace. 

I've searched around the world my whole life for something or someone to complete me and I can honestly say I think I found what I was looking for... A full connection to myself. 

Sunshine Coast, Australia
Past Retreat Participant

I came to Bali with much on my mind. feeling excited and fearing for what I was about to dig deep within and face. 
These seven days have been the most incredible, grounding experience I could have ever imagined. I met the most amazing women, each with their own journeys... The facilitators Leisa, Narelle Maya and Joko provided this experience that flowed exactly where it needed, shared with Love and total support. Our venue was our new home, with nurturing food all the way. I laughed and I cried, and I left Bali feeling the strongest and happiest I have been in a very long time. If you are sitting on a fence and can’t decide. Then I say .. DO IT, this will be the best decision you will ever make. I know I did and I definitely will return.

Ali McIntyre 

Brisbane, Australia
Past Bali Retreat Particiapant 
From the moment I decided it was time for me to step up and commit to attending a Sacred Connection To Self Retreat, things started to change for me. I just knew I had to be there to break through the ceiling that I had created for myself. This time this was about giving to me.

 Although I have done a lot of personal development over the years it was really time to push through let go of things that had been holding me back. I had absolutely no idea what to expect leading into or at the retreat although for me, it was about me surrendering letting go of shame, guilt, and beliefs that no longer served me letting go of things that have held me back and what kept me small. 

This was the first time in a long time that I put me first, as in the past I always put others first. Yes at times I was absolutely pushed outside of my comfort there were things that I didn't want to look at or see in me. Yes, there were tears and more tears but it was releasing years of stuff. At times I had to go back and ask my inner self why was I here and by doing this I was truly opening my heart and stepping into the person I wanted to be. What was I to achieve if I didn't break through these things and my comfort zone or these limiting beliefs? Did I want to keep being the same? The answer was no way. Bring on the new identity whatever that was going to look like. 

Every step of the way the facilitators had their best intentions for us from the moment we woke up to the food we ate each day, to the exercises we did, to the way we started to move and hold our bodies, till the time we put our heads on our pillows. After seven days of been nurtured pushed and stretched, releasing, growing, letting go and creating new identities we were expanded to a place I never thought I would ever be or cold have hoped. I am a new woman in every way and I love her strength. 

 Now is the time to say Yes to You. Listen to the gentle whispers of your soul (they might be so quiet you don't even hear them). 

During the retreat, I had so many releases all good ones but it was the weeks after that they kept continually coming. The more work you do and say yes the more you uplevel and grow and think a whole different way. Yes, we are all born for so much more. It was my time to grow and step up and create a new me. I highly recommended this retreat especially if your soul has been asking you to step out of your comfort zone and shine. Your time is now to shine so much more brightly as I know mine does now after this soul connecting growth.

Life Changing!